A paradise on earth. A naturally beautiful mix of flora and fauna.  Great eateries, shopping streets, and an all around exuberant vibe: these are just some of the things that make up Kashmir, one of the most incredible places in India that you can visit. However, it can be tricky to find the right Kashmir tour package for you—but don’t fret for we are here to help you curate the best and most unforgettable tour you can ever ask for. By booking with us, you will be privy to amazingly magical tours, such as….

Packages for Solo Travelers

Maybe, you are traveling solo. You can then take advantage of our Kashmir tour package for solo travelers. This is packed with lots of amazing ideas about how you can enjoy and maximize your trip—even if you are alone. Examples of those you can do here include going to Gulmarg, also known as the skier’s paradise where you can meet fellow travelers while traversing those snowy hills. While you can ski here during the winter season, you can also do lots of amazing activities when the weather is hotter, and these include biking, trekking, and even hiking—it’s a good way to meet new people, and get to know yourself while out there, too.

Then, you can visit Leh, also known as the land of pure adventure. Lakes and mountains surround the area where you can participate in a variety of activities with other solo travelers. You can also take lots of pictures, try mountain biking, of even trekking. And of course, as a solo traveler, it would be nice if you could immerse yourself more in Kashmir’s history—and you can do that by visiting The City of Sufis, also known as Kathua. With serene atmosphere, and a chance to walk on the banks of a river while learning about how this city came to be, you can visit the house of the Sufis, learn from them, and understand just how significant it is in Indian history. You will definitely be in awe of this place—while there, and after leaving!

Kashmir Tour Package for Couples or Honeymooners

If you choose to go to Kashmir for your honeymoon, or simply to spend quality time with your significant other, you’d be glad to know that we also have an amazing and comprehensive Kashmir tour package for you! Maybe, you can start the trip by visiting Sonamarg, also deemed to be one of the most beautiful places in India, and known to be the City of Exemplary Beauty. Taking its name from “The Meadow of Gold”, you will be glad to see such beautiful flowers lining the paths you’d walk on—definitely a romantic experience for you and your partner, especially if you visit in December and January. Then, there’s also Kargil, also known as the Unforgettable City—a place where you and your partner can just take in the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings while finding a place to sit, or just walking around—not to mention, the food is so delicious, and the shopping streets are remarkable, too! Talking to the locals also proves to be fun as they are some of the warmest and most hospitable people around. Then, of course, it would also be amazing to visit the beautiful saffron fields of Pulwana—a city that truly bursts in color and vibrancy. There are beautiful plants and flowers everywhere, amazing weather, and people who would be glad to talk to you and tell you a little more about the city and what it has to offer. Surely, you would be glad you took the trip with your partner for it truly will be a memorable experience like no other!

Kashmir Tour Packages for Groups

Finally, there’s also a great Kashmir tour package for those who would be traveling in groups. After all, visiting a place such as Kashmir becomes more fun when experienced with people you know and love, right? In this package, you can expect a trip filled with fun and adventure—starting with a visit to Pahalgam, a secluded forest where you can go trekking with your friends. You would be in awe of those majestic trees, and the vegetation surrounding you. While there, you can also go canoeing, horseback riding, or go check out the many hills and valleys around. Then, you can visit Srinagar where you and your friends can camp in the boat houses—truly a different but amazing kind of camping experience! You can also check out the nearby mountains, and experience panoramic views of the Himalayas. Or, you can also learn more about Kashmir by visiting Kupwara, also known as the Crown of Kashmir for it houses some of the most historical spots, such as Qamar Reshi Shahib Shrine, Lolab Valley, and Beba Bahram, and learn about why they matter to Kashmir culture! And finally, you can visit the rare region of Hemis, home to Hemis National Park and the Hemis Monastery—two places where you can learn more about how Hemis came to be, and get some peace and serenity, too—helping you understand and appreciate your friends and family more.

Find the Right Package for You

In order to enjoy your trip to Kashmir, you have to make sure that you’re with the right group of people, or if you are traveling by yourself, you need to have a plan that will excite you, enrich your mind, and help you grow while on your trip. We know just the right Kashmir Tour Package for you, and you know what? All you have to do is give us a call, send us a message, or contact us right here on the link you see onscreen! By doing so, we will not only help you plan your trip, and give you the most affordable quotes around, we’ll also make sure that whether you are traveling alone, with your partner, or with a group, you will be able to experience Kashmir in the best, most unique, and most unforgettable way possible!

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