Literally meaning “The Land of Snow”, Himachal surely is one of the most interesting places you will ever get to set foot on while on earth. With the exquisite beauty of the Himalayan Range surrounding it, you can expect that your visit there would be a good rendezvous with nature—and all that it has to offer. And you know what? We have the perfect selection of Himachal Tour Packages for you to choose from.

A Tour of the Snow-Capped Manali

Boasting of snow-capped mountains that would allow you to experience panoramic and pristine views of Himachal, your trip to the said area can start on a good note by choosing our Manali Himachal Tour Pacakages. It is not just perfect for sight-seeing, and reaching new heights—literally and figuratively—but if you’re the type who likes to get fit and stay sporty wherever you are, then you would appreciate and enjoy the fact that there are loads of sports facilities in Manali. Then, when you are ready to go, you can go forth with our tour that includes a trip to amazing destinations, such as Jana Falls, Hadimba Temple, Jogini Waterfall, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Pin Valley National Park, Van Vihar National Park, River Beas, and Rahala Falls.

Learn Why Kullu Is a Favourite Destination

We also have Himachal Tour Packages that would help you understand why certain destinations in Manali, such as Kullu, are often frequented by travelers. Located on the River Beas’ banks, Kullu oozes with an incredible charm that makes it a top destination in Himachal. There is also this certain dystopian and breathtaking air that it brings as it is often called the “The Land of the End of the Habitable World”, so you can expect that there really is something magical and special about it. While there, you’ll have a grand time touring around some of the most beautiful places, such as Raghunatji Temple, Parvati Valley, Sultampur Palace, Karrain, Shoha, Bijli Majadev Tele, Jagadsukh, and Baghad, making you experience the exquisite and unique charm that Kullu has to offer. There are also lots of skiing, angling, and mountaineering activities that you can enjoy. Surely, your trip there would be one of the most memorable you’ve had in your life—and you’ll definitely want to see what else Himachal has in store for you. Speaking of which…

Try Nature-Tripping in Chamba

Known as of the most spectacular natural destinations in Himachal, Chamba is deemed to be the perfect holiday retreat because of the fact that it is situated 2,900 ft above sea level—and pretty much away from civilization, so you could have lots of time to relax and reflect. As one of our best Himachal Tour Packages, you can be sure that you would be able to maximize your stay there as you would be able to visit some of the most gorgeous natural marvels in the world, such as Chamba Central Park, Majaraja’s Palace, Rang Mahal, Kalatop Woldlife Sanctuary, Chamera Lake, Mahimajesh Lake, Akhand Chandi Palace, Kajihar Lake, and Buhri Singh Museum, among others. By being there, you will find yourself seeing all these flora and fauna in a whole new light.

Visit the Scotland of India

Dharamshala, also located in Himachal, is known to be the “Scotland of India” due to the extraordinary, wintry vibe it brings. From snow-capped mountains, manicured gardens, and pine trees like no other, you might think you’re in a luxurious European country while there! This is why a trip to Dharamshala is one of the favorites of many from our Himachal Tour Packages, and surely, you’d want to experience it, too. While there, you can check out amazing attractions, such as the Tea Garden, the Masroor Rock Cut Temple, Daramkot, Dal Lake, Triund, Bhagsunag Temple, and the Bhagsu Waterfall. And, if you need some peace and quiet, you’d also be able to visit the beautiful Church of St. John, as well, proving that this top attraction in Himachal has mostly everything that you need in your vacation.

Refreshing Views from Kasauli 

With a vibe that exudes Colonial India, no one can deny the fact that there is just a lot of culture and history in Kasauli, making it one of the most interesting places to visit in Himachal. There is also an enchanting serenity in the place—something you may not experience anywhere else in Himachal! While there, you’ll be taken to the area’s top destinations, such as Timber Trail Resort, Gurkha Fort, Dagshai, Sunset Point, Monkey Point, and Christ Church—helping you find peace and clarity amidst the noise of this world.

Amazing Flora at Parwanoo

Horticulturists, botanists, and just about every plant and flower lover would enjoy our Himachal Package to Parwanoo, also known as the land of the flowers in Himachal. From gardens to orchards, lush greeneries, and vegetation, fresh air abounds in Parwanoo—making it one of the most relaxing destinations around. Your trip there would be made even more special by visiting beautiful attractions, such as the Cactus Garden, Fruit Orchards, Mughal Gardens, Pinjore, Kalka, and even the nearby Timber Trail. Everything is fresh around here, so you’d have such a unique, refreshing, and healthy experience like no other.

The Warmth of Hamirpur

Finally, you can end your Himachal trip with our Hamirpur Package, helping you feel the warmth of this truly homey place in India. Visit Sujanpuhr Tirah, Deodsith Temple, Bikleshwar Temple, and the Awah Devi Temple, and you’ll have such a profound, life-changing experience like no other.

The Package that’s Right for You

Whether you want to see panoramic views of the city, stay close to nature, find your next favorite fruit or flower, or just get some sense of peace and clarity, in general, we have amazing Himachal Tour Packages for you to choose from! Just tell us what you have in mind and we would craft the best itinerary for you. By booking with us, you can be sure that you won’t just be able to visit Himachal, you’d also be able to say that you have experienced it—and savored all it has to offer.

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